Master Schedule

Bell Schedule:

Arrival Time:
-Supervision for Jr. Raiders will begin at 7:45am.

-Breakfast service begins at 7:45am.

-The first bell rings at 8:12 AM.
-Students are tardy past 8:15 AM and need to stop in the office before going to class.


TK-K: 10:10-10:30

1st/2nd: 9:50-10:10

3rd-4th: 10:30-10:50

5th - 6th: 10:10-10:30



TK-K: 11:05-11:45

1st/2nd: 11:25-12:05

3rd-4th: 11:50-12:30

5th - 6th: 12:15-12:55


Afternoon Recess:

TK-K: 12:50-1:10

1st: 1:50-1:30

2nd: 1:30-1:45

Dismissal Time:

-School dismisses Monday through Thursday at 2:35 PM,
and on Friday at 1:15 PM.